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Dr Sue is certified with American Board of Pediatrics as well as American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition Dr Sue trained in ADOS administration , Culinary medicine and integrative and Ayurvedic interventions for better health in childen.

Culinary MD is established in 2022 ,by our founder Dr Suwarna Tilak after practicing Primary Care Pediatrics for over 25 years. While she continues to do so, her passion and quest for providing Autism Evaluation Services in Jacksonville and the opportunity to get involved with American College of Lifestyle Medicine during the Pandemic led her to the path that culminated in creation of Culinary MD. After successful management of personal health issues with optimal balanced foods , it was a natural next step to combine her passion for cooking , food and health. Dr Sue is a firm believer that Optimal Health can be achieved with Optimal Dietary intake and lifestyle,. Whether one is dealing with obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, Pre-diabetes or ADHD, dietary and lifestyle interventions along with counseling for behavior modificaton is the way towards optimal health.

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My Story

For the past 25 years it has been my great pleasure to keep my patients healthy. Over last few years it got progressively more challenging to provide the primary care pediatric care within the insurance constraints and shortened visit times. Rise in Autism prevalence and lack of timely affordable diagnostic resources led me to devote time and get trained in proper autism diagnosis. Rise in pediatric obesity and personal health led me to get Board certified in Lifestyle Medicine. I wanted to establish a practice without insurance restraints , with affordable cost where I could use my training in Autism , Lifestyle Medicine while continuing to take care of sick kids when they need it most. The value of direct connection without barriers between my patient's parents and myself became even more evident over last year as I handed my practice over to a capable and progressive Primary Care Pediatric company. I look forward to realizing my dream of simple effective and compassionate care to my patients when they need it.



10450 San Jose Blvd Unit B 

Jacksonville Fl 32257

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